Koolau Golf Club in Kaneohe – One of the toughest golf courses in US

An award winning 18-hole championship golf course, you can expect the Koolau Golf Club in Kaneohe to be challenging. Designed by Dick Nugent and with a total of 7,310 yards at par 72, the golf course joins with a dense rain forest as its rough. It also is comfortably placed 2,000 feet below the Koolau’s 30-mile long wondrous mountain, so you can enjoy the majestic view while having fun teeing. With Koolau Golf Club in Kaneohe’s spectacular setting, you will surely be challenged and have fun at the same time.

Too challenging? Practice makes perfect, better yet, take a lesson. Koolau Golf Club in Kaneohe offers golf lessons from a PGA Certified and award-winning instructor Kevin M. Ralbovsky. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be seeing you on TV playing with Tiger Woods.

Got some golf buddies? Great! Invite them and you could plan your own tournament. Koolau Golf Club in Kaneohe delivers flawlessly executed golf tournaments and outings for groups of all sizes.

Listed by Golf magazine as “One of the top 100 places you can play” and ranked seventh on a distinguished golf website in “top 100 United States Golf Courses” in 2008-2012, Koolau Golf Club in Kaneohe is definitely a must-visit for golfers.

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Posted on 05/14/2013 in Kaneohe

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